Sunday, January 18, 2009

Enough Snow! I Need A Vacation!

I love snow up until Christmas. But after the holidays I'm sick of it! I came across the picture of Maggie at Long Boat Key Florida. It makes me want to pack my bags and head to the beach. There is nothing better than sand between your toes and walking on the white beach!


The Primitive Bucket said...

What a sweet pic of Maggs!! Looks like a postcard. I want to go to the sand too and we don't have any snow right now!!!

Baggaraggs: said...

Hi Britt. I can go to the Beach for you if you would like. I'm in Sarasota, and Long Boat is over the Bridges by two away from me through St. Armands. Its been a bit cold here too. In the 40's at night and that is rather chilly for us guys. I wouls like to see some snow...we could swap? Was wondering if there is a possibility of a link between my Christmas Shop and yours? Robin

Martha said...

I agree! I LOVE Long Boat Key, two of my sons live in Sarasota with their families, I love the beach there. I have not been down in over a year, we had a direct flight but Continental stopped running it, I was so sad!

Little Maggs is so cute!

Wishing you a bright and sunny day!

Janelle said...

Long Boat is SUCH a wonderful place, but Britt - it's been in the 30's here the last few mornings, and tomorrow it's supposed to be in the 20s! NOT what we like here in Florida! If it's gonna be cold, then I want


The Olde Prim House said...

Oh sweet ladies. I just love it down there! August is my favorite time. The water is perfect!

Crafts For the holidays ~ Wanda said...

Maggie is so beautiful, Britt! We have always gone to Panama City Beach, but, I am with you, it would be so nice to feel the warm Florida sand between my toes! Wanda~~~