Monday, January 12, 2009

Mr. Lincoln

I finally took a dabble in the collage art.
This little 6 by 6 inch framed Abe Lincoln collage is on my Lemon Popy Seeds shop!


Anonymous said...

Hi There~~
Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I always wanted to put a face to your name!! LOL!! I love your business name!! Kinda like mine!!

I don't do the plush stuff tooo much anymore! Do you find that it sells okay?? I found that shop owners either liked or didn't like some faces that I went to lights!! And some candles!!

Thanks again for poppin' in...hope to have you visit my front porch again soon!!!

Many blessings..........
Lori Hull

The Olde Prim House said...

Lori, I love your lights. I have always wanyed to get into the candles. But have no clue where to start.